Our Litigation Practice

Gilchrest Law Group maintains a diverse civil litigation and arbitration practice. GLG lawyers represent corporate, institutional and individual clients in a variety of litigation matters before federal and state trial and appeals courts, and in administrative proceedings, arbitrations and mediations, throughout the United States.

Although we are experienced and successful trial attorneys, we believe that, in most circumstances, litigation or arbitration should be utilized only after exhausting the possibility of all other reasonable solutions.  We counsel our clients on litigation avoidance by anticipating potential conflicts our clients may face. We work with our clients to minimize the risk of conflicts coming to fruition. Where conflicts cannot be avoided, we counsel our clients to identify their business objectives and to consider early dispute resolution as a means to reach their objectives.

We recognize that conflict avoidance is not always possible. Our lawyers have over 25 years of experience successfully trying cases in state and federal court and through arbitration. Our adversaries know of our reputation and recognize that we are prepared to try cases if efforts to resolve conflicts before trial fail. Our reputation as strong trial lawyers provides our clients added leverage to negotiate and accomplish the most favorable resolution at the earliest possible stage of a dispute.

We have effectively and efficiently represented our clients in litigation and arbitration in a variety of areas, including the following:

  • Breach of contract and other business disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Corporate governance and partnership disputes among business owners
  • Shareholder and limited liability company derivative actions
  • Employment disputes
  • Severance, non-compete and non-disclosure disputes
  • Unfair competition, trademark and copyright disputes
  • Bankruptcy, fraudulent conveyance and insolvency disputes
  • Entertainment disputes
  • Professional Liability

For descriptions of some of our representative matters, please go to our “Representative Matters” menu or click on the link below.

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For further information about the ways our litigation practice can advance the interests of your company or you, please contact Robert M. Gilchrest at 626 765-3568 or email him at Robert.gilchrestlawgroup@gmail.com.


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